Yes. Sprint Websites is Open.

Yes. Sprint Websites is open. I added myself to the @thingsthatareopen website today. I am still working. I’m grateful. I’m feeling for close family and friends losing their jobs, clients having to close their businesses or have to lay off employees. It’s a lot to process.

The projects that I’m working on right now, that I will share soon, are really hopeful. People who are helping out with mental health, spiritual guidance and a social impact photographer who shares the stories of unheard voices in our society. Talking to these clients via email and phone makes me feel happy and hopeful.

I have less childcare time so projects are going slower, but still getting done. I’m doing everything by phone, video conferencing or email now. If you have a project you want to start I’m still here and want to hear about it. Send me a message to start.

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