What Does Your Website Smell Like?

My Mom had a little cafe in a professional centre for a while. Every morning she would get there early and bake delicious, buttery cinnamon buns. The smells would float through the cafe and into the duct system of the building. She was usually sold out by 9 am.

What does your office smell or look like? I have always believed that your website is your office on the Web and it should make the same first impression as walking through your doors. Except instead of walking through the doors, your potential clients have 1-3 seconds to decide to close their browser window.

A couple of tips to keep your audience on your page:

  • Your website should look like your existing branding materials so customers know they are in the right place. If they have already seen your logo or signage somewhere along the way, this will instantly help.
  • Carefully considered and curated photos are key to make a stunning first impression. Custom photoshoots of you and your work will feel more authentic and allow your customers to feel more connected to you and your project.

I ask you to supply photos with the hope that you have had that custom photoshoot. If not, I have an arsenal of great stock photo sites to draw from and direct you to. I have been visually communicating with photos for years, I see the stories, feelings and “smells” in the photos and can help select from your own library or stock. I will also make your website look like your brand or your office, customizing it to a style guide or your favourite branded pieces.

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