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Have you used a travel agent lately? I have. I wanted to go to Mexico with my family. I wanted there to be a “kids club” but I still wanted some of the pleasures of my pre-kid life like nice food and a decent cocktail. I was bringing my Mom, so we need more than one reservation and rooms close together. I couldn’t afford a 5 star, but of course wanted one and I wanted to go to Puerto Vallarta. I looked at Expedia, I looked at Westjet.com. I read a million reviews. My head was dizzy with options, I had zero confidence on which to choose and I had already waisted half my day trying to solve this problem.

I called my travel agent and good friend Elicia Jump (who can plan your whole destination wedding in Mexico too). I got my almost a 5 star, with kids club and excellent food resort to me in a couple of hours, I had a 2 choices too. I had my trip booked by the end of the day. I spent a few minutes handing over my credit card number and passport details but it was DONE.

Your experience can the same with your building your website. With doing it yourself, you have to decide Squarespace vs WordPress vs Wix vs Shopify vs the latest greatest DIY website builder. Next you need to decide your theme or template and hopefully it matches what kind of business you have or you’ll need to make customizations. Next you decide which pictures go where, which fonts to use, what kind of content to put in and oh wait something doesn’t look right, just open the code and make manual adjustments. What? I think you need a professional now.

If time is important to you (yes!), you need a web designer. I can make you a 5 page website in as quick as 1 day. You don’t need to learn code or figure out the latest trends or read a million help files. I can make all the decisions for you. And if you want to still make a few of those decisions and participate in the design process, I can even share some of them with you. ( eg. choosing a theme).

So if your head feels dizzy after your first google searches on “how to build your own website”. Start here instead.

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