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I’ve worked for agencies, I’ve freelanced for them, been hired by them as a full-time employee and more recently I have been hired by a client as a consultant to take them through the web design process with an agency. The agency I worked with did great work for my client. My client needed integration with a custom tool, they were perfect. But, I don’t think that everyone needs a web design agency.

When do I need an agency and when do I need a web designer?

  • Size – If you have over 20 pages of content, a strategy team at an agency might be helpful in organizing your site.
  • Complexity – If you need a custom online tool built for your site, like your own app or a way of communicating with your entire condo board, you may need the agency’s developers. I can add things like sign-up forms and PayPal buttons. etc. but a Sprint Website doesn’t include custom development work.
  • Timeline – With an agency, you can expect at least a 3-month timeline, before your site goes live. They have a big process where your website is moved around to different departments, they are working on multiple projects and this just takes longer. With Sprint Websites if your site is 5 pages or under I can do it in 1 day. With a 10 pages site, you can expect a week.
  • Service – You will have your account rep with the agency, you may meet a few or the developers or designers along the way. With Sprint Websites you’ll work with me, the owner and designer. I will help organize your project, I will design and build your site. Get to know me.
  • Price – Agencies have to pay the salaries of an entire team, in a rented space. My overhead is low, my prices are lower than agencies.

So I’m not competing with agencies. I just offer a smaller scale experience, but still, I have the knowledge I obtained from my years working in and out of agencies. Work with me.

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