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Yes. Sprint Websites is Open.

Yes. Sprint Websites is open. I added myself to the @thingsthatareopen website today. I am still working. I’m grateful. I’m feeling for close family and friends losing their jobs, clients having to close their businesses or have to lay off employees. It’s a lot to process. The projects that I’m...

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What Does Your Website Smell Like?

My Mom had a little cafe in a professional centre for a while. Every morning she would get there early and bake delicious, buttery cinnamon buns. The smells would float through the cafe and into the duct system of the building. She was usually sold out by 9 am. What does your office smell or look...

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You are stuck and I’m here to help.

The Internet or rather Wix, Squarespace and Shopfiy convinced you of how easy it was to make your own website. So you created a login and opened their site, found out how to upload your logo… Then the decisions started…Which template? Which fonts? Which photos? I have too much text or...

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Working with a Real Person

I was so excited to work with my first real life American customer. Lidia from Texas had a clothing shop and needed to get her site up and fast!After some correspondence by email (she was hearing impaired). I sent her a: A Stripe InvoiceMy ContractMy intake form A shared dropbox to upload...

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Spring at Sprint Websites

Spring has sprung in Edmonton. I’ve collected some pussy willows from the farm and discovered that my onions have successfully wintered in my garden, they are already growing their green tops. With the new season, it’s time for a little change at Sprint Websites. I have decided I want...

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