Web Designer, Artist, Entrepreneur, Mom

A few of my Job Titles.

I have run my own design business for over 15 years. In the first ten years of my career, I would occasionally get outside jobs in agencies, Universities and private companies gaining all sorts of skills from all kinds of businesses sectors. I now work exclusively for Sprint Websites which allows me to maximize time with my young son. I work from a home office in Sherwood Park, Alberta and occasionally my favourite local coffee shops.  I love coffee, but drink and seek out good decaf.

I am an artist and creative thinker, and that just means I'm a problem-solver.

I love helping people get their ideas off the ground and unburdening them from the task of getting their website up.


Get to Know Me

  • I have a BFA in Painting
  • I have done an Artist in Residence in Portugal.
  • I had a painting studio in Spain
  • I have made websites from the coffee shops in Buenos Aires.
  • I am a Mom. 
  • I write songs and am in a band.
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