Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Artist, Entrepreneur, Mom

A few of my Job Titles.

Hi, I'm Jodi! I have run my own graphic design and web design business for over 15 years. I have a Multimedia Certificate, where I learned to hand-code websites in 1999 and I also have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Alberta where I took both art and design classes for my degree. In the first ten years of my career, I worked for agencies, marketing companies, the University of Alberta and private companies such as the Edmonton Petroleum Club. I gained a lot of experience from my various roles while still freelancing as Fine Method Studios my graphic design company on the side.

Sprint Websites came up as a solution for friends and clients who needed “just a website” rather than a brand overhaul. I chose the name Sprint because I work quickly and websites don’t have to take months to make. 

I work from a home office in Sherwood Park, Alberta and occasionally my favourite local coffee shops. Working from home allows me to squeeze in a few extra hours with my preschool aged son. 

On the personal side,  I like to travel, I’m in a folk band, Pretty Taken that plays about 1 show a year. I like to attend music festivals and shows. I am always listening to podcasts and have a keen desire to learn new things. I was an oil and watercolour painter in my 20's, but am currently on the "Joni Mitchell plan" where I plan to return to painting in my 60's ;). I’m taking a songwriting class for the spring, I drink decaf coffee and I cook real food with inspired recipes most nights of the week. This year I am enrolled in a plant-based cooking class to expand my toolbox for healthy meals.

I love learning about other businesses, helping people get their ideas off the ground and unburdening them from the task of getting their website up.

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