Working with a Real Person

I was so excited to work with my first real life American customer. Lidia from Texas had a clothing shop and needed to get her site up and fast!

After some correspondence by email (she was hearing impaired).
I sent her a:

  • A Stripe Invoice
  • My Contract
  • My intake form
  • A shared dropbox to upload her photos
  • A Reminder checklist of all the things I needed to begin.

And she sent me… an unusual request. Apparently her designer was unable to accept credit card payments and she asked me to invoice her extra money so that I could send her designer the the money via e-transfer.

Instinctually, thankfully I said I was not comfortable with the request. No.

And then I checked my Google Analytics… nothing from Texas and then I googled Web Designer Scam. And sure enough it’s pretty common.

I was disappointed and a bit embarrassed.

What does this mean for you? I’m fully set up for American Clients or at least those wanting to pay visa! Thanks “Lidia”!

And it is a reminder of why you might want to choose me in the sea of the Internet. I’m a real person. I have testimonials, I have working examples of my websites. There is a photo of the real me and if you are ready to start your website you can talk to me on the phone or skype.

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